Finding the Blessings Under a Blanket of Snow

 I’ve never been a fan of winter. Give me the summer sun and a pool, lake, or ocean to float in, or heck, even a lawn sprinkler, and I’ll be totally content. A winter wonderland is something I prefer to see in photos. So I’m sure you can imagine how I grumbled at the forecasts of this historic snow event. They’re calling it Snowmageddon? Really?

This morning at daylight 10” of snow covered our world and it was -2 degrees in our little map dot. For our area, that’s a ten-year, or even a twenty-year record. Plus, the forecast calls for a second wave starting tonight. So I decided to pull my blanket tighter and look on the bright side.

First, Gary and I are both in good health and do not need to go out to seek medical care or treatment. At our ages, or at any age actually, this is a blessing.

We were able to go pick up supplies ahead of the first wave, so we have plenty. We are aware that not everyone had the physical ability or the financial ability to stock up, and we are grateful for both.

Additionally, we both have bosses who allowed us to use our own judgement about the roads. We are very blessed in this regard, but I also know it is in part because we both are the type of employee who have not and would not abuse such privilege. We each have some paid time off we can draw from, or worse-case scenario, missing a few day’s pay will not be a catastrophe at this point in our life. There have been points where this was not the case for either of us. Another blessing.

As of now, we still have electricity, and our water hasn’t frozen. Both those things are blessings that many of our friends and neighbors do not have today. Our home is warm and dry, thanks to natural gas heat and insulation. Another blessing.

The only animals we are responsible for these days are sleeping soundly inside with us. We can both remember days of bone-chilling cold spent breaking water and getting hay out for horses or cows. We have the utmost compassion and respect for the caregivers of all farm and ranch animals. We salute you, we pray for you, but we are very glad we are no longer among your ranks.

This weather is record-breaking, and beautiful, and challenging, and could even be deadly. Please exercise caution whether you’re inside or out. And as you enter Snowmageddon 2021, remember to count your blessings. Even if they’re under a foot of snow.



  1. This is a lovely post and I am so happy we are post snowmageedon! spring is blowing through my wondows right now.


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